Non-shrink tubing and cut pieces

FEP and polyimide perform in demanding applications.

Plamide HF Non-Shrink Tube is a precision wound protective tube and insulator made from DuPont™ Kapton® film, coated with Teflon FEP®. Teflon FEP® coated Kapton® Tube maintains its electrical resistivity, dimensional stability and strength at high temperatures and in the most demanding applications.

Plamide HF Non-Shrink Tube is particularly suitable for use where very thin sections of insulating tube must maintain high dielectric and mechanical strength at operating temperatures of up to 200ºC and where resistance to moisture is needed. Glueless welded construction ensures that only FEP and polyimide are present in the product.

It is widely used for protecting critical electrical systems of all kinds in the harshest environments.


  • DuPont™ Kapton® core provides excellent mechanical properties and performance at high temperatures
  • DuPont™ Teflon FEP® coating resists moisture, chemical and solvent attack
  • Maintains dielectric strength and dimensional stability at high temperatures
  • Construction is suitable for Class H applications and temperatures up to 200ºC

More features

  • Available with internal diameters from 1.60mm, with wall thicknesses as fine as 0.075mm
  • Entirely constructed from UL recognised materials
  • No-glue construction is chemically stable and will not precipitate material into its environment, regardless of temperature or moisture
  • Tubes of any diameter and length can be supplied with a variety of film and coating thicknesses to match detailed requirements for physical properties


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