Heat Shrink Tube

A specialised and cost-effective heat shrink tube with a low percentage of shrink for use in insulating thermal protectors.

Plamec Heat-Shrink Tubing is the preferred material for the insulation of Thermal Protectors and Hermetic Systems. The material remains flexible after shrinking and provides an improved appearance as depicted in the photograph. Plamec Tubing maintains high dielectric strength and cut through resistance, up to temperatures of 160 ̊C.


  • 10% to 16% shrinkage at 150 ̊C which secures and insulates the metal cores of components and batteries
  • Excellent dielectric and cut through resistance
  • Constructed from UL recognised film under E348131
  • Wall thickness starts from 0.050mm
  • More features available with internal diameters of 2 to 200mm
  • Close tolerance of internal diameter and reliable concentricity provide quick and reliable assembly
  • Roundness and concentricity lead to automated application, supplied and cut to customer requirements
Property of Base Film Typical Value Test Method
Tensile Strength MD kg/cm2 2300 ASTM D 882
Yield Strength (FS) MD kg/cm2 1000 ASTM D 882
Ultimate Elongation MD 90% TD 60% ASTM D 882
Modulus MD kg/cm2 3500 ASTM D 882
Shrinkage Properties of Base Film
MD 10% 5 mins 150ºC
TD 10% 5 mins 150ºC
MD 16% 5 mins 175ºC
TD 16% 5 mins 175ºC


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