Heat shrinkable tubing and cut pieces

Rapid-fit, secured insulation and chemical protection.

Plamar Heat-Shrink Tube prevents line failures in both hermetic motors and in general purpose use by securing and insulating electrical connections. Shrink-on fitting provides comprehensive mechanical and electrical protection, cutting line failures arising from vulnerable connections.

Plamar Heat-Shrink Tube maintains high dielectric strength and cut through resistance in the most demanding applications and at temperatures of up to 160°C in short term use. Consistent characteristics and ease of application give manufacturers a cost efficient means to boost the mechanical reliability of electrical systems.

Plamar Heat-Shrink Tube is particularly suited to use in hermetic systems due to refrigerant compatibility and low extractables.


  • 30-35% shrink secures and insulates components, wires and connections.
  • Quick and easy 10 second shrink-on application.
  • Superb dielectric and cut through strength across operating temperatures.
  • Constructed from UL recognised film.
  • Compatible with most refrigerant and oil combinations.
  • Multilayer Dupont™ Mylar® construction suitable for class B applications and operating temperatures of 130°C to 155°C in continuous use.

More features

  • Available with internal diameters from 1.60mm to 210.00mm
  • Wall thicknesses from 0.05mm to 0.50mm
  • Ultra stable shape and roundness provides for easy application and mechanical reliability.
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances and consistent wall thickness suit bulk process engineering environments.
  • Available in cut lengths to suit application.
Plamar Heat shrinkable tubing and cut pieces


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