Components for the Loudspeaker Industry

Bespoke tubular components of exceptional roundness and concentricity with consistent mechanical and acoustic characteristics.

Lamina’s specialist tubular components are used by the world’s leading acoustic brands. All of Lamina’s loudspeaker components are bespoke, made to suit the requirements of individual manufacturer’s design and acoustic individuality.

C Formers

Lamina’s production technologies and unique special purpose machines allow the production of accurate cut formers in a wide range of material including aluminium, Polyimide (Kapton®) and glass-fibre. Lamina’s unparalleled knowledge of the acoustic industry allows applications to be delivered that fit the most technically demanding briefs and bespoke requirements.

Tubular Laminated Formers

Lamina’s tubular formers are round and concentric to very fine tolerances on bore and length. By combining a wide range of flexible materials, tubular formers can be produced with unique properties, only obtained from the lamination of two different materials. Lamina’s focus on consistently high quality components to the tightest manufacturing tolerances allows the production of tubular formers which keep the cone square to the central pole piece, providing improved acoustic performance.

Top Sleeves for C Formers

Leading manufacturers of loudspeakers are choosing Lamina’s specialist tubular components as top sleeves for C Formers. The tubular parts, which are placed over the C former, provide comprehensive strength and stop the gap in the C former opening wide which would tip the cone out of alignment with the central pole piece.

Bonded during the coil curing cycle, the sleeves can be secured with an adhesive or a pre-preg epoxy coating on the inside of the tube. Slight shrinkage during the curing process delivers a permanent solution with a strong and accurate cone to coil connection.

Centraliser Tubes

Lamina’s centralised tubes are accurate, thin wall parts, temporarily fitted over a pole piece and under the coil assembly, ensuring concentricity of the coil to the central pole piece. Removed once the assembly is completed and used again, these parts help provide a flexible approach to consistent speaker quality.


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