Lamina Dielectrics leads the world in the development and manufacture of Spiral Winding, Heat Shrink / Non Shrink Tubes and Endcaps that provide electrical insulation as well as mechanical and chemical protection. Including Mylar Tubing, Polyester Tubing, Nomex Tubing and Kapton Tubing.

Lamina’s unique spiral-winding and extrusion technology uses UL recognised materials to manufacture thermal protectors, loudspeaker voice-coil formers, battery sleeves and components that provide reliable protection for electric motors and transformers.


Lamina insulation technologies are completely exclusive and have led the market for over six decades. Lamina’s Tubes, Endcaps and secondary insulation systems now ensure the reliable operation of millions of electrical products and systems, worldwide.


Lamina is totally focused on the production of consistently high quality components to the tightest manufacturing tolerances. Ruthless quality control means that Lamina insulation lends consistent and unparalleled levels of reliability to electrical products. Lamina holds ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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Lamina production technologies are unique and enable it to fulfil the biggest orders. The company’s R&D experience, clean room capacity and unparalleled knowledge of materials and applications mean that it can deliver on the most technically demanding briefs and bespoke projects.


  • 1971 the creation of the first alternative to the sonic welded heat shrinkable pillow seal
  • 1972 the compact seal of the heat shrinkable Bull Nosed Cap
  • 1973 the first heat shrinkable PET/Nomex combination cap
  • 1980 the first fluorpolymer self-injecting morphine drug container for Nato forces.
  • 1990 the first fluoropolymer two part self- injecting drug container for the war in Kuwait
  • In the late 1990’s Lamina worked with Scientist from CERN to develop the straw tubes to form part of the Atlas and Outer particle detectors
  • 2010 The introduction of the first standardised range of both Imperial and Metric Mylar Bolt insulation for gas pipe lines
  • 2011 The addition of a full range on Imperial and Metric Nomex bolt insulation.
  • 2019 Prototype development work for the International DUNE project.


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