Plamar Non Shrink Polyester/Plamon Nomex Bolt Insulation

Lamina’s Multi-layered spiral wound Bolt Insulation sleeve is designed to fit over Standard Metric and Imperial sized flange bolts. Lamina’s sleeves are constructed from UL recognised Nomex® and Non-Shrink Polyester materials which are traceable under registration number E348131. Consistent characteristics and ease of application give manufacturers a cost efficient means to boost mechanical reliability. They offer unrivalled durability, toughness, protection and insulation and can be made in both Metric and Imperial diameter sizes.

Although designed for the pipe flange bolt insulation industry, these products find alternative uses in the insulation of retaining rods in transformers and other electrical apparatus.

Where for technical reasons the clearance between bolt and flange hole diameter is restricted, these products can also be supplied in a high shrink form to overcome assembly difficulties.


Sizes availble in various wall thicknesses depending on either purchasing Imperial or Metric, supplied in 1 or 2 metre lengths.

  • Imperial Wall thickness 1/32 inch (0.800m)
  • Metric wall thicknesses 0.5mm (0.019”)

Standard Metric Bolt diameter sizes range from 4mm (M4) to 100mm (M100) all are made applying industry standard internal diameter clearances. A blue stripe is added to the metric bolt to prevent identity confusion.

Imperial diameter sizes range from 1⁄2“ to 3 3⁄4” and all are made applying industry standard internal diameter clearances.