Heat Shrinkable Epoxy Tubing

Combines the bonding strength of epoxies with the heat shrink capabilities of Plamar

Lamina’s heat-shrinkable epoxy tubes shrink 25-30% on internal diameter and during shrinking at 150°C the epoxy lining is activated and bonds the tube to the object being covered, giving a route towards a waterproof seal, to stop ingress of moisture under the insulation.

For fixing electric magnets in place for motor applications the Plamar heat-shrink material brings the epoxy layer into intimate contact with the magnets. This is then cured giving a much stronger structural material than can be achieved by Plamar alone, as well as securing in place with a permanent bond.


Key Benefits

- Bonds shrink tube to object

- Excellent cured strength compared to Plamar alone

- Good cut through strength

- Can form a waterproof seal

- Class F application

- Brushless motor application - fixing magnets