Micro-Dot: Super soft Micro-Dot Heat Shrink Endcaps

Aug 07, 2016

Micro-Dot is the latest innovation developed by Lamina, a super soft, flexible heat shrink internal tube that eliminates the problems of sharp edges and limited flexibility. The potential of sharp edges damaging sensitive wiring and limited flexibility affecting the manual fitting process is significantly reduced. With Micro-Dot the weld is very small and carefully positioned, so the flexibility of the tube in the area of the closure is unaffected. These caps have insignificant longitudinal shrinkage, so shorter, cheaper caps become an option.Furthermore, the manufacturing process requires less premium shrinkable film and so reduces the material cost of Micro-Dot, compared to conventional heat-shrink endcaps.

Super soft Micro-Dot heat shrink endcaps improve electrical insulation

- Secures and insulates wire connections in electric motors
- Super soft and flexible with no sharp edges
- Outstanding dielectric, mechanical and cut through strength across a wide range of operating temperatures up to 155°C
- Constructed from UL listed film
- Manufacturing process requires less material resulting in reduced cost compared to conventional heat-shrink endcaps