New product datasheets available

New product datasheets released

Aug 18, 2014

Following on from another successful CWIEME Berlin Exhibition, Lamina is pleased to release the  datasheets for the following new innovative products:

Contech tube – Lamina’s new continuous layflat tube without joins is available on reels for a continuous feed - simplifying manufacture at a good value proposition. A perfect fit for noise reduction of washing machine rotors.

Triple Endcap – Lamina’s patented answer for rapid application of 3 caps in 1 and reducing exposure to RSI and related costs. Meeting the needs of hermetic compressor manufacturers.

Heat Shrinkable Epoxy Tubing – Combining the bonding strength of epoxies with heat shrink capabilities of Plamar for rapid and simple securing of components. Ideal solution for easy bonding of magnets in brushless motors and offering a route towards a waterproof seal.

Epoxy Woven Glass Spiral Wound Tubes – the ultimate strength for demanding applications.

Fluoropolymer tubing - where high temperature and chemical resistance is required

Please see the product pages for more information.